Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Wife Advice: Tip #2 Ask For What You Want

Ask for what you want! What??? It's that easy? Yes. It really is that easy. Men are not mind readers. They want you and it's easy enough to assume they want to please you.

Because we at born absolutely #NAKED...There  are no written instructions on how to make you happy. Often, happiness is achieved on a case by case basis. 

You have to make your needs common knowledge within your marriage if you want them satisfied. This way you can be your happiest self! Super happy. Long term happy

Tips on asking for what you want...

1 Determine exactly what you want. It's ridiculous that this tip has to be number one. But, if you ask for too much.. You can end up with nothing. Find out what you really want and ask for it specifically. 

2. Ask for what you want in stages as you earn it. Super crazy, I know! But, being married is just like any other job. Would you go into your boss's office and ask for triple your salary without proving your worth? No way! So why would you ask your husband to do something for you that you aren't willing to reciprocate or deserve. 

3. Remember that you are different people. Your spouse has to learn how to love you the way you want. He was raised in a different home with different standards and rules. You have to show him what you want if you want to be happy together. You have to set the boundaries and be consistent. 

4.  Be happy with what you get. Nothing makes giving worth it more than true appreciation. 

Remember, marriage is not a competition... You can both win. 
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