Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Are you looking for a fun go to activity for a first date, friends' night out, or a place to calm yourself? Maybe you need a Paint and Sip party!

So you think you can't paint? Think again! With step-by-step instructions and as much leeway as you want, you can create a masterpiece of your very own. This concept is coupled with BYOB wine for a truly fun event. You can grab a friend or more and make it a Friend's Night Out. They even have date night painting you can complete that complement each other! You can share them with your grandkids years down the road.

All the cool cities have them and now, there is such a place in the Phoenix metro area! Pinot's Palette is located at 10625 N. Tatum Blvd, Ste D142, Phoenix, AZ 85028. The interactive class calendar shows the paintings that will be available for each session at the Paradise Valley location. You can sign up and pay online.

You pay one fee depending on the length of time you will be painting usually 2 or 3 hours. Instead of racking up your bill with wine and food, it is a #BYOB situation. Bring as much as you want... just drink responsibly! The information from the venue is: Feel free to bring any beverage (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) and/or food you may want to enjoy during the class for yourself and your group; we have glasses, plates, silverware, corkscrews, ice, etc.., along with all the paint supplies you will need.  We are a BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle/Beverage and Food) establishment so we will not have drinks or food available.  

On Tuesday, April 7, I will be enjoying my first session at Paradise Valley location! Sign up here:

Vicki Bezio
The painting we are completing is featured above and is described as: The bright swirling colors create a dramatic sunrise-lit background for this old oak tree that appears to be waiting for spring to reveal its own colors to the world.

We are all planning to meet at the venue at 7:30 to exchange business cards and socialize then start painting at promptly 8pm for 2 hours! Just for you there is a 10% off code you can use on this night only... "Vicki10."

Check out their website!

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