Thursday, February 19, 2015

Adding an Image to a Signature in Gmail from the Web

There are a few ways to add a photo to your signature. One is to create the image and upload it directly into the Gmail. But I wanted to use an image in my signature that was already on the Internet. Did you know that if you want to add an image in Gmail from the web you have to know the image's URL?

Any photo on a site that requires a password will keep your image from showing. The error will say that there isn't an image at that URL. Interesting. I am hoping that I would be able to get this done super quick!

So this is what you have to do to get your image on your Gmail signature:
  1. Go to the cog on Gmail that has all the tools in it.
  2. Scroll down to settings and select "settings" and a new window will open.
  3. Scroll in settings until you get to the signature portion.
  4. Type up your stuff. i.e. name, quote, etc.
  5. Open a new window and go to
In this area. You will have access to search for the image that you want. I was able to find a few images that I wanted to use by searching my name. I found several images I wanted to use. Remember it isn't necessary to make the image available first by placing it on a public website or pinning it with but you can!

When you find the image, select it. Then select the option that says "view image." This will open the image in it's own page. This is the URL you need to add the image to your signature. Go to the address bar and copy the URL.

Go back to your Gmail tab. You should still be in Gmail settings in the signature area and find this icon:  When you click the icon, a window will pop up asking you to type in the URL. Paste the URL you already copied into the box. The image will show. Then select the image. If the image isn't publically shared, it will not show here and you will need to select a different image.

I hope these steps help you add an image to your Gmail signature. Remember to only use images you have permission to use!

A quick tip: If you are a blogger, you can add it to a blog. Then follow the steps above to add it.
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