Friday, September 19, 2014

Burgers and Fries... #Agreed

I hope you have all seen that video with the father singing about needing to make more than "Burgers and Fries" if you want to marry my kid! Get a life, move out of your mom's house and be worth my kid!

I get it... I see it every day. I have a hot kid and guys that want to "get with that." Because of the love, devotion, and deeply seated desire to have more happiness, she doesn't fall for that line of crap. Why do girls fall for that? Why do they see a guy that doesn't have it together and then think that they are ready for a relationship  or they can "change" him?

Trust me, if you are worth it.. I will be happy to add you to my family! I will encourage her to see the good in you that I see because no one wants her to be happy more than I do. This subject is definitely worth a list of what I want to see before you show up at my house asking to marry my daughter.

1. You have met our whole family and they like you. Meaning you have attended at least one Carter family gathering with all cousins, aunts, and uncles in attendance. You are a good fit for our kind of crazy.

2. You have a career. You know what you want to do with your life. You have a plan and you are working on it every day. I am not trying to support one more person.

3. You have a place to live and dependable transportation. This is what normal people do. They live somewhere and they can get to and from work without calling a friend.

4. You have great credit and a low debt ratio. She has managed to live this long without being thousands and thousands in debt. Her credit is flawless you should make owning a home someday a possibility. This is a great way to start a union.

5. You love her, not just the way she looks but every thing about her. She's more than a pretty face! Know that. She deserves a life partner that appreciates everything about her.

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