Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Longest Shower

The longest shower I took in June was at Yosemite. We were 6 days into our camping trip and it was more than 24 hours since my last shower. I know!  

We had to pack up all of our stuff and go to the housekeeping site about 20 minutes away. Each shower was $5. For a party of 4, it was quite an experience to have this luxury added to our trip. 

The shower attendant let the kids in for free because we had brought our own towels.  Tony went into his shower room and we went off the other way. 

I want to say that this marathon shower was amazing! I had been stressing this part of the trip because I like to have water right at my campsite—it feels more at home that way. 

At home, I may take a 2 minute shower and run out the door with hair wet. But, this day my shower felt like a million dollar luxury. I washed my hair three times. I left my conditioner on for minutes. I even let my face wash sit a while. I sang under the stream while hot water ran down my back.

Why? Because I saw the value in that shower. The value was so real to me because I had to pay the money before I could partake in the activity. Now, think of something you get to do for free. How important is it to you? Do you show it the respect it deserves?

It's a mindset. Even freebies have an intrinsic value. So when you need something from someone—show their assistance the respect it deserves. Luxuriate in the knowledge that you have been blessed. 

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