Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Say What? The F-Bomb Has Landed

Say What? Little baby precious has let the F-bomb fly again! You are mortified because you know you taught your baby better than that... at least you think you did. But, there was that one time that you didn't know would haunt you for the next day, week, months......

There are things that you can do to get your baby to stop saying that word. Putting chili in their mouth or soap is considered child abuse by some people and most CPS personnel. So, I will advise against this time honored tradition featured on A Christmas Story.

Don't panic... how you handle this situation will dictate how long you will have to deal with the behavior. If you are a fast thinker like my husband, you will immediately say something like "Bad Mommy" and you will get your hand spanked. Crazy I know, but it works.

For those of us who where asleep at the wheel, I have collected a little bit of advice from some of my family and friends who have great kids and parenting advice to share.

1. Don't laugh. Babies do a lot of things for attention. If everyone in the house is rolling on the floor laughing their heads off, the baby will take that as validation. Don't validate poor behavior or it will continue. Chances are you will be in mixed company and your little bundle of joy will let his favorite cuss word fly and trust me... they won't be laughing.

2. Make a face. I know this sounds funny, but it works. Have you ever seen a baby's face when they eat something really sour or hot? That's a great look to have when your little one lets that F-bomb fly. He will know he did something wrong. Babies love to please so giving them visual clues that you are not happy is a great deterrent.

3. Consequences. When you have a baby that is making poor choices, you have to counter with consequences. Some suggestions are listed below.
  • Timeout. Put your kid in a quiet place a little away from the hustle and bustle of your home to "reflect" on their word choice.
  • Take away a toy that they like to play with like a stuffed animal. Let them know that Fishy can't hear those kind of words.
4. Spank the child. Personally, I don't spank kids... but if you do. This might be a good time. A little pat on the hand is what one mom suggested.

5. Stop the Source. Is your child hearing this language on a regular basis? Put a stop to it #YourKidYourRules. If it's you... you know better so do better.

6. Teach Them New Words. Using powerful positive words will make it easier to overcome any bad words. Try short phrases like. "Please stop." "I don't like that." or "I am mad." Remember, they are using these words when they are frustrated so give them some words they can use instead.

Don't give up your efforts, be consistent. #YourKidYourRules. You have the parenting ability to stop this behavior. If you are keeping it out of your mouth, it's easier to keep it out of theirs. Happy parenting!

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