Friday, January 17, 2014

No Question is a Dumb Question.... Right?

No question is a dumb question... right? It depends. Are you using your question to get people to validate your laziness or disorganization? Maybe, that's not a question you should ask in social media if your profession is based on one that requires extreme attention to detail and people are going to notice your lack of commitment.

For example, I am a writer. I am on Facebook saying something like... "I have writer's block and no amount of banging my head against the wall is helping. Any other suggestions?"

This leaves the lines of communication open for me to get advice that can help me get over my writer's block.

But, if my post is something like... "I am sitting in the shop getting a manicure and my client is waiting on his copy so his website can go viral and make his fortune, should I feel guilty?"

I shouldn't be offended when someone says... "Yes."

I would say if you are using social media like Facebook and you ask a question that can paint you in a bad light, don't get OFFENDED when someone gives you a true answer even if it hurts. This causes drama and that's not why you have a business page.

Asking the right questions on Facebook can get you the answers you need to finish a project, design a marketing plan, or give the people what they really want. Many people read your posts if you are keeping them interesting and it's good to build a rapport with the masses. It make you seem real.

Besides, you don't want to ask someone if these pants make your butt look big only to hear them say, "No baby, it's your butt!"

Spanish translation: No preguntes si tus pantalones de mezclilla hacen tu trasero verse grande si no quieres escuchar "No bebe son tus nalgas."  

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