Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Just Right Gift

Finding the right gift for your special someone has become an obsession. Every channel is filled to the brim with commercials offering you a glimpse into what could very well be "the one." Are you paying attention? I'm not.

Instead, I am digging into the memories I have made with my family and finding things that I know they will find useful. The girls were easy. But, the husband has been harder to decide. There are gifts I think will work but then do I really want my husband to have a gaming system?

I am not interested in being a game console widow. I think it's that sort of thing that makes it hard to pick the just right gift for someone so close to you. You get to have a first hand look at whether or not your gift selection was right on.

I decided to give it a little trial. Instead of giving him a game console, I bought him a tablet. I downloaded a few of his favorite games then watched him disappear. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be really. He has disappeared into the room for hours. But, we have watched movies on it and he's also reading a book with his Kindle app.

To make a tablet or other small hand held device really worth it's money you have to make sure it has internet access. A subscription to Amazon, Netflix, HBO, Cox cable and Cinemax has turned my husband's tablet into a little TV. I learned a lot from this little experiment. No gaming console for this house. The tablet has turned out to be perfect.

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