Monday, December 30, 2013

How to Raise a Great Kid

This week is usually filled with great time off to relax and enjoy my family. But, this year my hubby is working and I am watching my half-sister's kids. I would love to say that watching kids is easy, but it's not.

Those "people" who say that stay at home moms have it easy, have no clue. I am not sure if I have the energy to hang out with babies everyday. Between the running, diapers, and whining.... no thanks. I don't remember it being so hard when my kids were little babies. Then my hubby reminded me that my kids were on my schedule and they were molded to fit like little puzzle pieces into my life that accented my very existence. In other words, it was fun.

The one thing I am getting out of the experience is remembering the fun high energy level of a happy baby! So happy that his face lights up the whole room. That's when I justify all of the sacrifices and time spent perfecting my bundle of joy in spite of all the useless advice I received. My kid "training" made it easy to wake up every day and live an exhausted life. So exhausted.

So today, I am going to share some advice that I wish someone had given me when I was a stay at home mommy taking care of my little angels.

1. Your baby, your rules. Don't let someone else tell you how to raise your kid. If you are using common sense and raising a kid that is well balanced then you are doing it right. Did your kid eat? Ok, you are off to a great start!

2. You're baby is more important than a spotless house. Babies get cranky, then they pass out. You should take a hint. If you are exhausted, take a nap when your baby does. It's a great time to recharge. The house will be there when you wake up.

3. Watch Your Mouth. It's more than the bad words. It's every thing. Speak happiness and kindness into your kid's life. Don't talk down about your kid and put negativity into the universe.

4. Communicate Clearly with your Baby. Using real words to communicate with your kid will make it easier for you. If you allow your kid to gesture for the things he/she wants, you will end up frustrated. Read books to your baby and hold them tight. They are only little for a short time.

So to all you stay at home mommy slackers, I applaud you for all you do to make your children rays of hope for the future... Thank you!

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