Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Business Tip #2: Give Exceptional Customer Service

Are you giving exceptional customer service? Can you afford not too?

This story is about a car I just bought my child. She is crazy happy with this new purchase and here's why:

Just before my suggy pop turned 18 she was in a terrible accident that totaled the Honda CRV she was given the year prior. This car was t-boned when she made a poor driving decision.

I wanted to get her a dependable car for less than 10k. This is a hard price point to work with. But, after the long search I finally got the call. The car was found and it was about half the price.

It was perfect except it was a stick. She wasn't the best at driving standard cars. The original car salesman said he would teach her. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. But, a new salesman understood my frustration and helped me out with the driving lessons. Why? Because he understands the value in doing what you say to keep or earn a loyal customer. 

I know that giving someone driving lessons is above and beyond what is normally expected, but if you say you are going to do something—do it! Under promise and over deliver wins raving fans. 

The truth is, every car I have ever bought has been from this dealership. Every one.  Why not treat me to your best? It's not about the sale today it's about building lasting relationships that can continue to grow your business and in this case repeat sales and referrals to my friends. 

This new salesman is looking for two more cars for me. One for my baby baby ASAP and a new one for me with a purchase date in mid February. Both sales could have gone to my first salesman, but I prefer better service. 

Everyday we have an opportunity to give and do more for our customers, clients, and members. Customer service is judged from the customer's perspective. Remember that. You need repeat business to grow your business. 

Because of my long standing relationship with this dealership, I won't share the name of the original salesman but I will highly recommend Doug Alpers. He's awesome!