Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October 1st is Finally Here!

Do you know the significance of October 1st? 

If you are a California resident... you should! This is the day that the the University of California and California State universities open their application process. With their stringent application process, getting started on your application today will give you enough time to get it completed and ready to turn in during their November 1-30 application dates. 

Even if you are not ready to put your personal statement together today, read through the questions. Familiarize yourself with what the application requires. Stop by your registrar's office and get a copy of your unofficial transcripts and start putting that information in the application. This information isn't going to change. Be honest! At some point in the process, your transcripts will be ordered and verified.

You are only months away from graduation. This is not the time to drop the ball! Continue your hustle toward the finish line. Study more, do better. If you are wait-listed, your final grades will make the difference. Shine! 

Check out my blog this month when I share the expert advice of UCLA Admission Staff about putting your personal statement together!

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