Thursday, October 10, 2013

College Talk: Your Backup Plan

You have dreamed of attending ABC University your whole life! Ever moment of this time, you have planned all aspects of your college experience--including the list of friends you will call when you finally get your letter. Your best case scenario includes an acceptance from this college that will make all the others disappear. 


Yes! Don't limit yourself to one college. You need to apply to multiple colleges to ensure you are going to continue your education after you get your high school diploma. By the time you are wait listed or worse not admitted to your first choice school, it will be too late to apply to more choices. So, cover all your bases and apply to at least three schools including your local state university. If you want to go to UCLA, apply to other schools like CSU Monterrey Bay or San Marcos as well. 

It's great to have positive thoughts. It's better to have options. If you need financial assistance to pay the fees associated with college applications, see your guidance counselor. Even though it may seem like a large investment in the beginning, getting your application to multiple schools will help you make the decision down the road.

If you get into your choice school, financing may keep you from attending. So, having an alternative plan may be more feasible. Keep reading my blog for more college information regarding financial aid, grants, and applying for scholarships.

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