Monday, October 7, 2013

College Talk: Scholarship Essays are Your New Favorite

It takes a lot of effort to write a scholarship essay and now that you in the college writing mode, it's a good time to write down a few ideas to win some scholarships.

Think of a time in your life when you faced adversity and how you overcame it. Were you ever bullied? Did you help a friend achieve something great? How do you give back to your community? These are all topics that work well with scholarship essays. Ask an adult to help you organize your thoughts about the situation.

Using the resources you have available will come into play here. When you need to put a spin on an event, there's no better person to ask than a trusted adult, mother, father, teacher, or other mentor. A second set of eyes can judge the quality of your answers and make sure that you are meeting all of the requirements listed in the scholarship application guidelines.

Use powerful words. Claim your victory by using action words. Don't say what you hope to do, say what you have done to see that your planned future is on the right path. For Example:

Option A: I like dogs. I hope to be a veterinarian one day.

Option B: This year, I have focused on giving back to my community by volunteering to walk dogs and care for them at the local shelter. I was able to see that working with animals is something that I have a deep passion for. I followed up with the veterinarian to find that my current skills set is a great match for the rigors of the veterinarian degree program.

Option B will show that you are serious about continuing your education. Make it impossible for them to say no! You may have to apply for 50 or more scholarships to earn a handful or even one. But, you can reuse well written essays as long as the scholarship is offered from different sources and all of the requirements of the scholarship are met!

Good Luck.

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