Thursday, September 19, 2013

Write to Your Target Audience

Are you working in a niche profession or highly technical one that leaves potential clients grabbing a dictionary to keep up with your posts on Facebook? Of course not! No one grabs a dictionary, they just move on. Don't let your potential client base walk away not knowing what you can do for them. Speak to your audience and make your Facebook posts readable. #VixxBuzz

It's no coincidence that the local newspaper is written at the high school level. This is a common practice known as conversational English. Facebook Business Fanpages are about having conversations with potential clients. Make sure they understand what you are saying. If they are clicking away from your page without knowing what you do, you lose.

Give your business another credible source of information by engaging your audience with content they can read and understand! Stop using industry only terminology they have to Google.

They are already at your Fanpage.... give them something to talk about!

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