Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sharing is Caring

When we were little kids, we learned how to share. Sharing is Caring! As business owners we need to dig deep into our knowledge base to use skills we have learned to deliver better outcomes. Do you share?

Facebook has turned Likes, Comments, and Shares into Gold! Did you know that Facebook has options when sharing content? You can share to your timeline, to a select few friends, in a private message, and only you.

When I see a recipe that I have to have... I share it to "Only Me." It shows up on my timeline with a lock around it so only I can see it. I also use this for cleaning tips or things that I know I will use again.

If you share something to someone in a private message, they are the only one that sees it. As a group of social media network members, we should be sharing our message at least one time in 24 hours. Maybe, with the new currency we can see our post not only go viral but stay relevant enough to dominate the top of the feed for more than 24 hours.

The different sharing options allow you to select your audience. With these options available and the value of sharing posts, it is surprising that more people don't share everyday!

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