Monday, September 9, 2013

Negative Comments… Should We Delete?

When people post negative comments on your Facebook Business Fanpage to complain about your service or product, should you delete their posts?

There are mixed reviews on this subject. I say leave them and deal with them right then in the comments of the post. Try to put a positive spin on the situation by offering a real solution. If you delete every post that is negative on your business site, guess what…. People will tune out. By deleting the negative comments, you are creating another ad for your company and not a credible source to find real information about you. No one wants to read ads on Facebook!

You have a fan page to give your customers another way to interact with your business, so use it to your greatest advantage. Even when we do our best, there will be customers that want to complain. Each complaint should be met with an apology. Even if all you say is, “I apologize that my performance was not up to your standard.” Then, follow up with an offer to make it right. Be sincere in your deliver or don’t bother.

When people complain about you on Facebook, they are beyond the point where you are going to be able to assist them without an audience. At this point, you are being watched and the way you handle the situation is more critical than the original offense. These are your customers and you want them to know that you care about their experience. Someone may read what you wrote and compare your reaction to how they were handled elsewhere. Give them a reason to switch!


  1. I agree with your ideas on how to work through those few negative issues Vicki!

  2. Thank you Maggie! Have a great day.