Monday, September 23, 2013

It's OK to be Crazy... I Think

Do I miss my kid at college? I did.... until she called me crazy! Why can't kids just say thank you? Why do they have to add a qualifier? ie. "I am glad you make me try it [college] out first. Thank you so much for pushing me and being there for me! I am so lucky to have a mother like you:) well minus the crazy ;)"

What is this post really about? Please help me!

The questions I have so far:

I totally get the "try it out first" part. I was right when I told you that the guys are hotter in college and judging from the eye candy around that pool when I dropped you off at your apartment, I was spot on! I am happy that you are keeping busy learning new things... I want your grades to reflect a real effort... the "try."

Can you define push? Are you happy I pushed you? Literally pushed into oncoming traffic or encouraged you to do well in school. Because, I am "crazy." I need clarification...

The lucky part, I get that! Because, you have come a long way from the little whiner you started out as... the "real person." I know that this is an inside joke, but since I am writing this for you... it's all good.

The "crazy" part can go either way. I am going to go with the positive aspect of crazy to mean the do anything, no holds barred, my kid gets what she wants part of my personality that makes people yield to my way... that benefits you mostly!

Why are Facebook posts so hard to decipher?

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