Thursday, September 12, 2013

It's Facebook, It's NOT That Serious Y'all

Correcting punctuation in a Facebook post as a comment is kinda rude! It's Facebook—it's not that serious y'all! Just read for enjoyment or move on. There's no need to let people know that their 'there' is really a 'they're.'

You're grown... You can make your own decisions on your personal page. But, what if it's a business Fanpage? What does poor punctuation say about your business practices? I can't trust you to help me from a client standpoint if your posts make you look unprofessional. With all the choices out there, let your communication style speak well for you! Reread the post before you hit send. It just takes a moment to look professional. Give them something else to focus on. 

Also, speak to your audience. There's a reason the newspaper it written at or near the 5th grade language. If you are in a highly technical field, try layman's terms then take it down a notch! No one knows if they need your service if they don't understand the words that are in your post. Besides, if they were following your train of thought 100% they can probably do it themselves. 

Like me on Facebook I double check my punctuation. *wink

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