Thursday, September 5, 2013

Go the Extra Mile

Is it enough to do exactly what is expected? Not usually. People remember that you went the extra mile to ensure their happiness. This is how repeat business happens. Give your customers something to talk about... to rave about! Go the #ExtraMile. When you do you will be rewarded with a reputation you can build a business on.

Many stop just short of the best they can give because good enough has been their standard for too long. That little bit extra is why people shop around. It may not be the pricing structure, it could be the level of service someone else offers. It's not too late to increase your level of acceptable standard.

Even now, there are restaurants that I frequent that have exceptional service and ok food. Why? Because I like to have great service when I go out, it makes the meal more enjoyable for me. On the other hand, there are restaurants that have perfect food and hit or miss service. Do I eat there? No. I will, on occasion, order food to go. But, guess what that means? No upsells, no dessert, no beverages, etc. These are all items that the owners count on to pay their bills.

So, if there is room for you to do better... do it. You are only hurting yourself when you do just enough. Eventually, someone will come along and do what you could have done all along and blow you away!

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