Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Engage Your Audience with Content That Matters

Did you mean to say what you said when you said what you said? People read a lot more into your posts than you intend because they don't have your tone of voice to cue them into your meaning. You have to choose your words carefully. Then, you need to worry about engagement. Make them want to come back.

Are you giving your clients an opportunity to interact organically with your posts? If you are getting a lot of "Nice," "Thanks for sharing!" or "Interesting" as your responses, probably not. Generally when we are posting on Facebook to our client base, we want to give them new information about our business. Otherwise, what is the point? Do we need to maintain a business page if we are not adding value to our business? You need to provide another customer point of contact that gives your client a good feeling about your business.

Manage your comments, if you have the "reply" option turned onuse it. Correspond with your customers directly to their posts. I often see large corporations with comment spam to another product that can even be a competitor product. These comments should be deleted when they occur and the creator banned for poor taste. It's your business page!

If your customers are leaving you questions in the comments, answer them. If it's your policy to redirect questions and concerns to an email address, let them know and be consist so the next person can follow the same procedures with continued requests to forward all questions to questions@mycompanyname.com. But, answering the questions in the threads will give many people the same answer eliminating your need to respond to countless emails.

Don't be afraid to use graphics, videos, and articles for people to engage more with your posts. The new algorithms used by Facebook has turned comments, likes, and shares into gold!

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