Friday, August 9, 2013

Fake People Suck

The title should say it all! But, you know it doesn't!

Have you ever experienced a serious life event only to find when you look around, there isn’t anyone there to give you support. You know. Those friends that you have supported in all of their crazy drama filled times—even if it was self-inflicted. Vanished without a trace. When you could really use a friend, those friends are not available.

Somewhere in your mind, you knew that would happen. Even when you were consoling their latest boyfriend that cheated again! Well, you knew he was a cheater… isn’t that how you got together in the first place? When he was stepping out on his baby’s mama, he was a cheater then too. Just sayin’.

So, I have moved on too. Now that my life is back in order and I have time to listen to your drama, please don’t call—I changed the number.

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