Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Get to Work

Shaking my head that another month has past and I haven’t reached all of my goals. I have made a serious dent and my deadlines are met so I feel great about the progress. I know that I have a lot to do and could probably use a virtual assistant to do half of the busy work I do in a day, but it is hard to trust someone else with your baby. Your gift to share with the world.

When I am rounding my twelfth hour and I know that I have too much pending to just quit now, I often find myself pushing through until my work is complete because I wanted to be a writer and that’s what writers do… we write. I use #vixxbuzz as a way to express myself. It isn’t as easy as is seemed at first because once I gave myself permission to do what I love, the flood gates were opened and ideas populated my brain. They fill my mind to overflowing and I can’t write them down fast enough, but they are there ready to be heard.

Have you ever loved something so much that you just couldn’t stop doing it? I mean really loved! Like when my kids were little and I just wanted to hold them all day and even when people came over to visit, I didn’t want to give them the chance to hold my babies but I did. I let other people hold these precious bundles of joy and it was okay. It didn’t change how much they loved me or responded to my attention. Why can’t I let someone else take what I have here and hold on to the little things that keep my focus split?

This is one of the things that entrepreneurs face every day. Finding a way to balance all they know in a way that maximizes the time they put into their business is key to business success. One person can’t do it all! You have to have a team of people you can count on to forward your vision. The ability of a team to achieve far outweighs what one person can accomplish alone. It’s not enough to love what you do. You have to love it enough to let others step in and assist you in accomplishing your goals. When you do this, you do more and that’s why we wanted to have a business in the first place.

If all you wanted was to do what everyone else is doing at the same level of competence, it wasn’t necessary to own your own business. The world doesn’t need more of the same. It needs more that is better, that makes a difference, and gives the world a glimpse into what can be accomplished when we stop making excuses and get to work. Otherwise we would just get a J-O-B! So, if you find yourself at the beach wishing you could do more with your business you should get to work. There is always more you can do.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Parent Tips for Teenage Dating

As a parent of two beautiful daughters I say make them wait until they are married. But, realistically that isn't reasonable. I think that Tony and I have had our share of debates on this issue and we came to an understanding that goes like this:

1. Set an Example. We needed to set the tone for dating in our children's lives. Setting a good example of how dating should look started with family date nights where the girls were able to enjoy the normal banter of a date situation. They contributed to the conversations by telling us about their day and where they wanted to go on our next vacation.

2. Greet the Parents. Anyone that wanted to take our girls out on a date needed to show up at the door and act like they had some sense. This should go without saying but we know it can't. Interviewing the potential dates was a great way to put us at ease with our little girl going off with a kid we didn't know.

3. Group Dates. Going out in a group takes the pressure off of your child to converse for an entire date. Also, their peers can give them feedback that as a parent, they won’t accept from you. If their friends think he sucks and they share it, you won’t have to.

4. Set a Time Limit. Let your kid know what time they need to be home and the consequences of not returning at the predetermined time. When they are late, even by one minute, follow through with the consequence. Nothing says "do whatever you want" more than letting this situation happen unchecked. 

Friday, August 9, 2013

Fake People Suck

The title should say it all! But, you know it doesn't!

Have you ever experienced a serious life event only to find when you look around, there isn’t anyone there to give you support. You know. Those friends that you have supported in all of their crazy drama filled times—even if it was self-inflicted. Vanished without a trace. When you could really use a friend, those friends are not available.

Somewhere in your mind, you knew that would happen. Even when you were consoling their latest boyfriend that cheated again! Well, you knew he was a cheater… isn’t that how you got together in the first place? When he was stepping out on his baby’s mama, he was a cheater then too. Just sayin’.

So, I have moved on too. Now that my life is back in order and I have time to listen to your drama, please don’t call—I changed the number.